What a Performing Arts Boarding School Can Offer

The purpose of a good high school is to ready adolescents for their big leap into the working world or to college where they can complete their education. But perhaps your child already is developing a passion for a particular field like the performing arts. In that case, consider the benefits enrolling your teenager in a boarding school can offer. With the help of a boarding school art program, your child will be exposed to a deeper, fuller education in the arts that can prepare him or her for their chosen career path.


Public schools or many private schools offer a general curriculum of subjects that may not delve as deeply into the subjects your teen wants to learn. Also, your teenager simply may not find the classes they are looking for at an ordinary public school. The variety of subjects at performing arts boarding schools can focus on different types of art. A ceramics program allows your teen to learn pottery. Classes in drawing and painting can educate your child in artworks across cultures and world history. A boarding school art program that focuses on music can teach your teen to play a piano, guitar or other string instruments, or also singing. Students with a passion for acting can find specialized courses on developing skills in the theater.


A boarding school will usually employ teachers that have earned degrees in their subjects, some of which may be advanced, so your child is more likely to be instructed by quality experts in their chosen fields. The vast majority of boarding school teachers also have a great passion to teach their craft, and since boarding schools have much lower discipline problems than public schools, teachers aren’t tied up in handling behavioral issues with their students and instead devote more of their time instructing and nurturing their students.


In a typical public school, your teen might find one or a couple of fellow students who share their interests, but sometimes it can be difficult for a teenager to find like minded peers at their school. At a boarding school with various art programs, your child will be interacting with more students who are working on the same curriculum. This boosts the chance of your teen making friends with people with like-minded aspirations and goals.

Libraries and Other Services

The specialized nature of boarding schools also makes it more likely that the school library will be stocked with more books on the subject your child is interested in. This can be greatly beneficial when students have to research deeply into the history of whatever field of art they are studying. Also, since many boarding schools are funded with generous donations from alumni, the school libraries tend to feature the latest media technologies along with their print books. In addition, boarding schools offer high quality labs and science centers for student use.

High school students with a passion for the arts can find many great ways in a boarding school art program to nurture and enrich their talents. Consider searching for a great boarding school for your child and don’t hesitate to check out all the great services a good boarding school can offer.

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